Virtual RE talks

Perfect for pupils learning about any of the 6 main World religions. KS1+

An introduction to Buddhism

Delivered by Buddhism For Schools, this engaging and authentic virtual visit will teach pupils about: Mindfulness, Indian Vegetarian Food, Basic Theology, Henna Body Art and Buddhist Music.


An introduction to Islam

Presented by Imran from Muslim Learner Services - this visit is a great opportunity for pupils learning about Islam. It covers beliefs, festivals, clothing and food and is adapted to your pupils' age.


An introduction to Christianity

Develop your pupils' thinking skills... Jacqueline & Deidre from Inspire Workshops will ask thought-provoking questions to spark conversation. Pupils will learn Christian beliefs as well as sharing their own ideas.


An introduction to Judaism

Ruth from Judaism for Schools will give an overview of the Jewish religion. Focusing on the Torah, the Holiest Jewish Text, you will learn how Jewish concepts and customs shape the lives of people around the World.


An introduction to Hinduism

Bharti Taylor is the Former President of the Hindu Forum of Europe and is now committed to educating others about Hindu life. She enjoys chatting to people of all ages and is looking forward to saying hello to your class.


An introduction to Sikhism

Join Harkirat from The Sikh Education Service as he shows objects and discusses Sikh life in this introduction. Questions are welcomed from all and gently responded to in a personal manner.