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What is sound? How do we hear? What is the rumbling noise our stomachs make called? Learn about this and a lot more as you explore the science of sound with experts from the School of Noise. KS1+

Virtual Visit Details

Join the School of Noise for a virtual school visit into the wonderful world of sound!

Complement your science learning with a virtual visit from Dan Mayfield from the School of Noise. You will delve into the world of sound as Dan shares his scientific and musical knowledge with the class. This workshop is ideal to enrich a science topic on sound, with the session also demonstrating how it links into many other areas of life such as architecture, art and medicine. ('borborygmus' is the name given to the rumbling in our stomachs!)

Primary school virtual visit

School of Noise

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*We pride ourselves on offering an affordable service - the majority of our visits cost around £2 per child (based on a class of 30).

Each call is priced based on one class dialling in, with discounted rates for additional classes joining the same call.

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