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If the Sun were a beach ball, how big would the Earth be? Why does the Moon glow? Learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon, and why we have days and years, using a globe, scale models, lights and games. KS2+

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Ideal for your Space topic, this talk focuses on the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Using a globe, scale models, lights, great images, and educational games, children learn about:

• The size and rotation of the Earth, and how this gives us days
• The orbit of the Earth round the Sun, and how this gives us years
• The relative sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon (if the Sun were a beach ball, how big would the Earth be? Year 5 classes will do the calculation themselves; younger classes will guess
• Why the Sun is so hot
• Human exploration of the Moon - what is it like there?

Primary school virtual visit

Earth Sun and Moon

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