The Stone Age lasted 2.5 million years and paved the way for life as we know it. From shelters to farming, we have a lot to thank our prehistoric ancestors for. Call a real life caveman and listen to his story!

Virtual Visit Details

Your class will receive a video call from a caveman after an unforgettable day. They will be on the edge of their seats as he tells his unforgettable tales about:

- Sharpening his spear ready to hunt
- Killing a woolly mammoth
- Painting his cave in celebration
- Using the animal’s hide to make his clothes

15 mins followed by Q&A, all in role!


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We pride ourselves on offering a reasonably priced service - even our most expensive visits cost < £3 per child (based on a class of 30). Each virtual visit is priced according to one class dialling in, with discounted rates for additional classes joining the same call. Up to 4 classes can join a call. Please indicate the number of classes that will be joining the call below.


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