In 400 AD, the Saxons crossed the North Sea, naming ‘Angleland’ their home. They were fearsome warriors although their most famous leader – Alfred the Great – gained respect in other ways...

Virtual Visit Details

Your class will receive a video call from Alfred the Great, the most famous Saxon cyning (king) who ever lived. Sit up, listen and show your respects to the great leader as he tells you about:

- The Saxon kingdoms and why Wessex, is the greatest of them all
- His childhood experiences (such as meeting the Pope) and how these have shaped his Christian beliefs
- His peaceful leadership
- How his son Edward’s love for fighting might ruin all of his peace-making to date...
- How art, music, story-telling and feasting make being king of the Anglo-Saxon’s the best job in the world!

15 mins followed by Q&A, all in role!

Anglo-Saxons - Alfred the Great

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