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Do you run a brilliant virtual session from a famous UK location? Get in touch to discuss listing on our landmarks page.

Bean to Bar

Cadbury World

Discover the origins of the cocoa bean as well as the chocolate making processes we use today with a fascinating Virtual Workshop, hosted by our dedicated education team at Cadbury World.

Court Out

National Justice Museum

Our virtual courtroom workshops bring the law to life in your classroom through engaging, hands-on activities, exploring real-life court cases.

Learn about the court system, examine thought-provoking issues, see how the law affects all aspects of our life and re-enact a real trial with your class.

Working with you, our expert facilitators will deliver live, interactive learning into your classroom. Workshops are held via Zoom and Teams, and can even be delivered to students at home if school has temporarily closed.

It’s a simple process. And we support you every step of the way with preparatory information and activities.

Digital Learning Memberships

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Bring Shakespeare's story to life in your classroom with our new and exclusive Digital Learning Membership offer, giving your school unlimited access to pre-recorded material, short films and downloadable resources for use all year round, plus access to special live engagements with our experts.

Explore a range of benefits including live engagements with our award-winning experts, plus access to our expertise and high quality pre-recorded videos and resources whenever you need them. Enjoy ancillary CPD benefits and discounts in our online shop.

House of Wisdom: Science, Maths and Medicine in Early Islamic Civilisation

History of Science Museum

• Learn about the range of discoveries and inventions made in Early Islamic Civilisation, many of which we rely on today
• See museum objects which date from this period (and examples of objects which were influenced by this period)
• Learn about al Haytham, a scientific pioneer from Basra, who lived around 1000CE, and who experimented wrote about how the human eye sees

London's Burning

St Paul's Cathedral

Discover what happened to the Cathedral during the Great Fire of London with your KS1 students. Through role play, empathetic thinking, films and activities, learn about how this iconic Cathedral was rebuilt to restore hope to London. Teachers will receive a Resource Pack containing activities to use before and after the Virtual Visit.

Modern Electronic Computing

The National Museum of Computing

Our Modern Electronic Computing session includes a tour of EDSAC, WITCH, Elliot 803 & 903, Large Systems and PC Computers. It gives and insight into the development of computing over the last 70 years and covers key concepts in the computer science curriculum. The interactive sessions offer the choice creating a program using the BBC emulator or CoSpaces Virtual Block H. Both sessions cover the same content as a full day visit to the museum.

Roman Adventure

The Roman Baths

Join an expert from the Roman Baths and head on a Roman adventure! What went on in a typical day at the bathhouse? Explore how the Romans would have cleaned themselves, what clothes they wore and the snacks they had available while relaxing in the baths.

The Great Fire of London

City of London

How can we know what happened back in 1666? Using original documents this session will involve drama, eyewitness accounts and creative activities to show what Londoners experienced during the Great Fire of London, how it permanently changed the face of the city and how London recovered and rebuilt.

Students will develop their skills of historical enquiry as they start exploring the primary sources from 1666.

The Maya Workshop

Cadbury World

Uncover the wonders of The Maya’s involvement in the early history of cocoa with a fascinating virtual workshop run by the experts at Cadbury World.

Black British History

City of London

This workshop looks at culture, community and activism in London. Drawing from the newly digitised audio archives of the Huntleys & Bogle-L’Ouverture Publications, this practical session will invite students to respond creatively to archive material.

Students will learn about civil rights activists Jessica and Eric Huntley, and the bookshop and publishing company Bogle-L’Ouverture which they founded in west London. Through listening to selected clips from events held at the bookshop in the 1980s, students will come to understand the context in which they worked, including institutional racism and poor representation of people of colour in the media.

Crime and Punishment

City of London

This session is based on cases of children charged and brought before the courts in the Victorian era. What was it like to be imprisoned then?

Students will explore a wide range of original materials which provide social and historical context for the 18th and 19th centuries. They will investigate attitudes to crime and punishment, learn about infamous historical character and examine the changes in prisons.

Discover St Paul's

St Paul's Cathedral

Explore the highlights of St Paul’s Cathedral with your students. Led by an experienced Learning Coordinator, students will enjoy pre-recorded videos and interactive question-led activities to discover the stories behind one of Britain's most famous landmarks. Teachers will receive a Resource Pack containing activities to use before and after the Virtual Visit.

Human Rights

National Justice Museum

During our Human Rights workshops, students complete various activities which encourage them to explore their own understanding and opinions of human rights, allow them to examine specific articles from the European Convention on Human Rights and investigate the approach of the UK courts to human rights by debating the issues raised in real court cases. Students will:

• Learn about the history, implementation and contemporary significance of human rights
• Prepare and present a case for or against a real human rights court case
• Create and justify a proposal for a new human rights clause


Cadbury World

Bring your Marketing topic to life with our engaging, curriculum-linked virtual workshop, delivered by our dedicated team.

Take a detailed look at the marketing mix with a real-life insight into how Cadbury use the 4P’s. Discuss historical Cadbury products that have moved through their product life cycle and the different extension strategies used.

Prehistory Experience

Celtic Harmony

Our costumed educator will take your pupils on a virtual glimpse of life from the Stone to Iron Age for a 90 minute full immersion live-stream direct from Celtic Harmony Camp including 3 live primitive skills demonstrations, Q&A session and a workshop activity of your choice!

Space Explorers

History of Science Museum

Pupils will find out:
• Who was Galileo and what was his great invention
• What are star patterns/constellations
• How star patterns/constellations relate to Greek Myths and Legends
• What are some of the different Space objects you can find at the
Museum (including star globes, moon globes and telescopes)

The Jolly Postman

The Postal Museum

Help The Jolly Postman collect, sort and deliver post for familiar fairy tale characters. Send and receive letters, parcels and postcards in a humorous and lively literacy mission. This fun session is packed with interaction and magic moments bringing the book to life live in your classroom.

Use song, rhyme and Makaton signs to bring the story to life and become a team of jolly posties.

Students will:
• Discover how letters, parcels and postcards are collected, sorted and delivered.
• Make connections with characters from traditional tales.
• Send a reply to The Jolly Postman to share their experience of being a postal worker.

Cathedral at War

St Paul's Cathedral

Discover how the Cathedral was impacted by the Blitz in World War II. Through costumed interpretation, hear about how the Cathedral was saved by volunteers in the St Paul’s Watch. Teachers will receive a Resource Pack containing activities to use before and after the Virtual Visit.

Crime and Punishment Through Time

National Justice Museum

Let our expert facilitators bring the museum to your classroom with this online workshop.

• Discover the history of Nottingham County Gaol
• Hear from infamous historical characters
• Explore some of our fascinating objects
• Examine the changes in prisons and punishments through time
Alongside a pack containing session materials, pre-session activities and extension resources teachers will also receive links to additional research.

From Typhoid to Covid: Oxford and Vaccines

History of Science Museum

• How did a disease like Typhoid affect people in the past and what did the Victorians do to stop its spread?
• What role do vaccines play in stopping the spread of disease?
• How do vaccines work?
What are scientists in Oxford doing now to develop life-saving vaccines?

Investigate Aquae Sulis

The Roman Baths

Join an expert from the Roman Baths as you set out to explore the Aquae Sulis – the Roman name for the city of Bath. This session is suited for children aged 12-16 and studying Roman Britain, Classics and/ or Latin. We are happy to discuss your specific learning aims.

Maths Innovators: Lovelace, Napier, and al-Kwharizmi

History of Science Museum

• How did Ada Lovelace write the first computer programme?
• What are Napier’s Bones?
• How did al-Kwharizmi improve on the Egyptian and Roman ways of counting?

Prehistory Puzzle

The Roman Baths

This brand-new online session allows you to explore more of the museum’s collection that isn’t on public display.

Connect with our experts who will help you discover more about the people who lived in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages – where did they live, what tools did they use, how were their lives similar to today?

Get close up with real objects that people would have used more than 80,000 years ago!

The Big Issues

St Paul's Cathedral

Prepare for RS exams with this curriculum-linked session. Discover some of the Cathedral’s stories that shed a light on Social Justice, Peace and Conflict, and Crime and Punishment. Give your pupils the chance to take part in a Q&A with a priest about their role and the big issues facing the world today. Teachers will receive a Resource Pack containing activities to use before and after the Virtual Visit.

The Legacy of the Cadburys

Cadbury World

Uncover why Richard and George Cadbury were model Victorian employers. Compare and contrast the fascinating differences between inner city Birmingham to that of Bournville. Learn about life in Victorian Britain and discuss the different way that people lived in this learning outside of the classroom experience.

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